Interview questions on COVID-19

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Interview questions on COVID-19


What interview questions on COVID-19 are going to be asked in an interview by HR? and what questions does a candidate need to ask an interviewer? These two questions are nowadays every candidate thinks who is searching for a new job.

To help you in preparation for an ongoing interview of your’s here are some examples of interview questions on COVID-19 that HR can ask you and you can ask the HR or to the hiring manager.

Questions to ask by HR

Here are some interview questions on COVID-19, which can be asked by HR to an interview candidate.

1. What you have learned during this COVID-19  pandemic situation?

Recruiters may ask you about your experience or what you have learned during this lockdown period. By asking this question recruiters want to understand how you have utilized your lockdown time and what you have learned in this period.

2. How have you managed your work-life-balance during this lockdown period?

By asking this the recruiters want to know how you have managed your day during this lockdown period. And, what approach you have followed so that there will be no impact on your work as well as your family life.

3. Can you able to join our organization during the COVID-19 period?

The recruiters and hiring managers want to understand how comfortable you are to resign from your current organization and join any new company before they proceed with your candidature.

4. Can you do the job while working from home?

The recruiters and hiring managers will likely know, are you comfortable doing work from home or not?

They will not ask for more details about your day- to- day life. However, they want to know some information on how have you managed your day, and how comfortable you are by doing work from home? Actually, they want to know your ability to work from home and the resources you have available to do the job.

5. Have you learned any new skills during this lockdown period?

The recruiters and hiring managers want to know how you have utilized your time during this lockdown period. Whether you have added any soft skills to your CV?

You have to very honest with them and let them know what you have learned during this pandemic period.

6. Do you have any questions for me?

This question gives you a chance to ask your recruiters and hiring managers about your queries and some new things which you want to know about the organization.

In addition to the recruiters and hiring managers who inquire about the pandemic, you may want to clarify the situation before the interview takes place. You may ask the below interview questions on COVID-19 to your recruiters.

Questions to ask the HR/hiring manager

All organizations are responsible to give a better and safe workplace to all their employees. They are responsible to protect their employees during this COVID-19 situation. HR should have made some policies and legal compliance to keep their employees safer and engaging them in a productive workplace.

1. What are the safety policies have you put in place?

Before taking the decision to join any new organization you should be aware that what safety protocols they have in their organization. Because of the safety concern, every organization have changed their policy or introduced a new safety policy to face the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

2. Have you laid off any employees during this pandemic situation?, If yes then what arrangement have you done for them?

Certain things you should know about the new organization before joining them like.

  1. Are they financially stable or what is the risk if you join?
  2. Are they laid off any employees during this pandemic situation?
  3. What are their future plan for the rest of the employees?

While there is never a guarantee that a job will be there for as long as you need one, employers are now experiencing unique economic stress. Carefully assess the financial position of the company and conduct your own independent financial research with whatever information is publicly available.

3. How you have handled the situation when an employee has detected as a Corona patient?

This is a question where you will get to know what arrangements they have in place if any employee been detected as a Corona positive? What are the medical facilities they have? And how they treat an employee if he been detected as a Corona positive?

4. Could you share the onboarding process in light of COVID-19?

You will know how the company plans to work remotely when you are practicing social distance, as a job seeker and possible new hiring. You should know the below answers before proceeding with the interview.

  1. What new methods have they implemented to ensure you get started on the right path?
  2. How are they planning to connect you with other employees once you’re hired?
  3. What tools or training are they planning to give you access to when you join the team to make sure you are well informed and well equipped?
  4. How long are they planning for you to work remotely before moving to the office?

5. Do I need to come to the office daily or I can work remotely i.e. work from home?

This question will give you clarity on the arrangement of the organization to perform their work? Do they see work from home as a permanent solution or as a short term? What level of trust they have on their employees?

6. What working strategy has changed in this COVID-19?

As a job candidate, you should get to know the plans & goals which they have made in lieu of COVID-19. All organizations must be honest with you and they must share their plans & goals. By getting to know this, you will get some clarity on companies’ strategy and you’re joining a company that has a strategy for proactively moving forward.

Asking some variation on these topics will give you a good understanding of the company you might be joining. These questions will also show the interviewer that you are a problem solver, a big picture thinker, and an adaptable team player, all the things companies are looking for right now when they hire.

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