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Satyanarayana Dora

I present myself as Satyanarayana Dora, the founder of FinTraLead.com. My blog covers leadership skills, management skills, Excel tricks, and other developments in everyone’s life.

Finance leader with 23 years of experience in diverse finance functions. Have led captive and outsourced teams across multi-locations spread across INDIA, EMEA, SA, EUROPE & US regions. I have played a key role in setting up captive units and finance processes of MNCs and Indian organizations in manufacturing, service industries, Retail, and Pharma sectors. Have Expertise in steering, harmonizing & transforming a wide range of finance and operations functions. Adroit in establishing, managing, and engineering accounting and reporting functions. Lead many transformations including migration, transition, system implementation, and re-engineering processes. Efficient people leader with expertise in leading large and diverse teams. Culturally astute with strong interpersonal skills. Sound communicator with the ability to network with people across the globe.

After all, I spent 10 years creating blogs, so I can share my experience with others to encourage and motivate people to achieve their goals in their career and their lives.

Every article is written based on first-hand experience to provide the most helpful insights possible.


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