How to cope with layoff due to global pandemic?

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The world went under lockdown since March 2020, throwing its economy into darkness owing to the COVID-19 virus. So far, over the last 6 months, the world has witnessed many phases of lockdown and a less restricted phase termed as Unlock.

All world leaders have requested business not to lay off its employees and stand with them during these critical times but there are many businesses facing COVID-related closures and making the difficult decision to lay off their employees.

How to cope with layoff due to global pandemic?

Every industrial sector whether it be ITAutomobileHospitality, or any other has been impacted majorly due to this outbreak and if things don’t recover rapidly, we can see a majority of employees losing their jobs in the coming months or more specifically we can say it as a Massive Job Layoff!!

If you are among the millions of people who lose their job because of the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering how to tackle this situation as it’s clear you aren’t unemployed for performance-related reasons. Change has always been a critical part of growth. This is one of those times. What will make the difference is how we respond.

Here are some tips on how to change the way you feel about unemployment:

  • Take care of yourself: practising good self-care can make the difference. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and eat healthily.
  • Networking: you might not be able to meet your closed ones, but they are always a video call away. Talk to them and share your feelings. Use the time to build new contacts and reinvest in your current pool of contacts. This can also provide a source of necessary support while having the potential to open new doors of growth and opportunity.
  • Plan your day: your day must have a structure with time allotted to all the activities; searching for a job, leisure time, exercise time and so on.
  • Adopt healthy coping skills: practising deep breathing, doing yoga, working out in your living room, meditating and cooking can be quite relaxing.
  • Stop ruminating: don’t let the pessimist thoughts get the best of you. Focus on what lessons you can learn through the hard time you’re facing.

Here are tips to get you through the battle.

  • Start with a plan: Whatever the future holds, it’s important that we have a plan; and a good place to start is by getting advice from those with the knowledge and expertise to help point us in the right direction.
  • Looking for new job opportunities: actively searching for a job is also working. It can make you feel more useful. Areas such as grocery, pharmacy, supply chain, and other critical need areas may present new and different options as we move forward.
  • Update your CV: Update your resume and get feedback from your friends. First and foremost, construct a resume that represents who you are. Highlight your skills and abilities. You have more chances of landing a new job with a fresh resume.
  • Creating a budget: let’s go off the luxuries you might be spending your money on and stick to the most needed items for now. Spend your money smartly.
  • Manage all your payments: if you have rented, EMI and credit card bills to pay then build up savings. Having a few months of expenses saved can avoid skipping EMI payments and hurting your credit score.
  • Start studying: it is the best time to further your education. Enrol yourself in an online course that can help you professionally. You might learn a new skill that can be monetized. The best investment we can make is the one that we make in ourselves

Be patient on the path from unemployment to employment. Times are tough, no doubt about it, so take it easy on yourself and those around you. The road to recovery will be long and tiring. Experts believe that the virus is not going to end completely on its own. It has reached a phase where people are preparing to live with it. Rather than seeing an end, we should set our sights on a new beginning. Stay strong, stay positive, and stay safe. This too will pass.

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