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Stress management


Stress… is just like cancer. The more you take stress in your life it will kill you more. Let’s see how stress management will rid of stress.

Stress is something that you feel when you have taken more than you can handle or/and are used to handling. Whenever you need any changes in your life your body at the same time your mind also acts differently.

Stress in our life…

However, our life/body requires frequent changes. These changes may be related to your work, your family life, your relationship with friends and colleagues, marriage, divorce, or maybe the death of a loved one’s.

Stress can have a big impact on your body, in addition to that are felt by just you, and in a way that the world can see. One of the more visible potential by-products of stress is weight gain and many people additionally find themselves to be emotional eaters who react to stress by reaching for something to eat. Stress can also create a loss of appetite, which can be a problem as well.

Moreover, some external sources force you to deal with the stress in your life. Some stresses are avoidable, and some non-avoidable. Again, stress is depending on person to person, how they take it in their life.

If you are living in with high levels of stress, particularly you’re putting your whole life along with your family at risk. If stress happens too often and lasts for an extended amount of time then the body reacts negatively from the stress. It will affect your emotions, it will affect your health and it will affect your work-life balance.

We, as human beings always need to think about how to keep away our self from the stress. Nowadays our personal and professional life is too complicated and surrounding with lots of difficult situations which force us to keep in stress.

Particularly speaking about stress then we all have to manage to get rid of stress. Effective stress management helps all of us to break the hold stress has on your life. Effective stress management will help us to maintain our work-life balance, relationship, fun, and enjoyment in life.

It’s not easy to identify the reason for stress. We always surrounded by lots of problems/situations. And a situation that makes one person worried about their personal and work life.

Stressors usually falls under the below categories…

  • Emotional stress: – This can be your fears, losing loved ones with whom you are emotionally attached, negative thoughts and fighting with your spouse  
  • Financial stress: – This can be due to excessive loan, no proper planning to spend your money, fear of jobless, expense made more than your income, credit card debt
  • Social stress: – This can be Interacting with new peoples, public speaking, parties, drinking alcohol, nicotine, and drugs
  • Health stress: – Not keeping well for a longer time, depending always on medicines
  • Work stress: – Unsupportive boss, tight deadlines, achieving targets, peer competition, working long hours, changing new job

Now the biggest worry is how to get rid of these stressors. There are no specific ways of controlling a stressful situation so as an individual we must learn what strategies we can execute to take control of stress and not allow overcome our daily lives.

Here are some techniques which can help you to find out solutions to get rid of stress.   

  • In stressful situations, take slow deep breaths to calm down
  • Connect with  someone you trust, talk your problems over
  • Keep yourself away from the peoples those who constantly gives you stress
  • Keep yourself away from the things or places which distracts your mind
  • Never take too much tension at the workplace. Always try to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Delegate your responsibility either at work or home
  • Maintain balance with a healthy lifestyle… like eat fresh fruits, take proper food at regular intervals. Avoid taking alcohol, tobacco, drugs, cigarettes
  • Do more physical activities like morning walk, regular exercise
  • Do regular meditation & yoga and reduce your tension
  • Take enough sleep, so that your mind will fuel up and your body will not feel much stress
  • Plan your activities in such a manner so that you will never miss the deadline
  • Never over-commit anything which you may not fulfill others expectation
  • Never spend money, more than your income
  • Keep yourself calm in all situation and judge it first then take the decision
  • Go out for a  vacation with family and friends whenever you get time
  • Plan your day, and always maintain to-do-list for the day
  • Spend time with those persons who can give you quality time and who makes you feel safe and understood
  • It’s always better to say “NO” if you feel something doesn’t meet your expectation
  • Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive peoples and family members


Tension can result from many reasons, and it may be due to personal, professional, and other causes also. If nervousness lasts for an extended amount of time then your body reacts negatively. Tension has been linked to causing your mental and physical illness. The best way to cope with worries is to identify the stressors which are under your control. And, work on those stressors which are not under your control.

You should keep yourself positive whenever you feel that you are in stress.

The positive reaction of your mind and body will help you to…

  1. Enable your concentration
  2. Increase performance
  3. Energize you
  4. Build our relationship with family, friends, etc.

Never feel bad or pressurize whenever you failed in achieving something. Instead of getting stress, find out the solution, find out the opportunity in your failure.

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